There are characters of grandpa and his granddaughter for the book, which I wanted to do, but client changed his mind.

Here are some private projects – I wanted to do something connected to fashion.

Here is a sample main character of the book, which, maybe, I will illustrate.

Here is a sketch and colorful character of my own book, which I’m illustrating. I’m looking for a publisher right now 🙂 More samples of this book can be found in portfolio tab “books” – KRESKA AND THE LEGEND OF LION-FLOWERS BOOK

Here is my private project. I love cats, so I couldn’t draw anything else.

Here is a character design of a family for one book which I wanted to illustrate, but unfortunately it didn’t fit to the author’s vision.

Another sketches of characters from my own book “Kreska and the Legend of Lion-Flowers”

Sketches of main characters from one book. I didn’t get this project, although I have some sweet sketches now!

Sketch of characters from 2019 🙂